Linehan’s reply to EA4P 20 July 2018

Dear Ms Benvie

In response to your recent correspondence.

The International Festival’s selection of artists does not take into consideration their nationality, country of residence or ethnic, religious or cultural  background. 

In response to your questions about Company L-E-V,  it is an artist-led dance company made up of international dancers, managed and operated out of New York City. It is produced and represented there by Canadian producer Menno Plukker.

As with many contemporary dance companies, it comes together to create and tour work. Its six dancers are from, and when not working are still based in, Guadeloupe/France (1), Japan (1), Sweden (1), Canada (1) and Israel (2).

Company L-E-V does not receive any funding from the Israeli government and neither do the performances in Edinburgh.

 Yours sincerely

Fergus Linehan
Festival Director

+44(0)131 473 2032

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