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Palestine Jazz in Edinburgh

Palestine Jazz in Edinburgh, hosted by NiNi Productions

When?  Saturday, 29th July, 7.30 pm to 10 pm

Where? St Mary’s Cathedral, Palmerston Place, Edinburgh EH12 5AW

What? The freshest Palestinian sounds come to Edinburgh. Following her inspiring appearances in Glasgow and Perth last year, Nai Barghouti comes to Edinburgh joined by some of the best young musicians in Palestine. In a unique double bill, Paris jazz band Mohamed & Friends complete their first UK tour fronted by Palestinian clarinet and composer Mohamed Najem. In an age of barriers these musicians preach unity and inspiration at its finest.

Tickets: £11.14, click here to book (or by at the door unless sold out)


Jazz and Stories from Palestine

When? Sunday, 30th July 2017, 12 noon – 3pm

Where? Walpole Hall, 27 Chester St, Edinburgh EH3 7EN

Free entry at the door, but donations welcome


Musicians from Mohamed Najem & Friends and Nai Barghouti: Moments take a break from their UK tour to take part in a relaxed atmosphere to play and tell us of their life as Palestinians and musicians. Musicians from Scotland will also be adding to the creative mix.

Free entry, donations welcome

Mohamed Najem & Friends and Nai Barghouti: Moments are touring the UK in July (see here for details) ). In a unique double bill, they bring the freshest Palestinian sounds to the UK. Nai Barghouti returns to the UK joined by some of the best young musicians in Palestine. Paris jazz band Mohamed & Friends complete their first UK tour, fronted by Palestinian clarinet and nay player Mohamed Najem. In an age of barriers, these musicians preach unity and inspiration at its finest.


Music for Palestine with Freddie King and Lachlan MacColl

When? Sunday, 23rd July 2017, 6.30 – 8.30 pm

Where? Augustine United Church, 41-43 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1EL

Tickets:  Tickets for £5.- available at the door. Proceeds from this concert will be going to the village of Bil’in.


Freddie was moved to give this concert after hearing Palestinian Iyad Burnat at a meeting in May this year organized by Edinburgh Action for Palestine. 

Iyad comes from Bil’in, a village in the West Bank in Palestine. He gave an account of the non-violent resistance by Bil’in to the illegal confiscation of the village’s farmland, the wall that separates the villagers from their olive trees, and the Israeli occupation. 

Freddie was shocked that there were many casualties among the villagers in the village’s weekly demonstrations including a young boy being shot and a young man killed. He would like to contribute his music to raise awareness and funds for the village. He and his friend Lachlan will perform a concert in honour of the villagers who have been killed and injured and also their families. 


Public Meeting with Iyad Burnat: Practising Nonviolence in a Violent World

Iyad BurnatEdinburgh Action for Palestine is delighted to welcome Palestinian activist Iyad Burnat to Edinburgh.

When: Thursday, 4th May, 7.45 pm

Where: Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh EH1 2JL


Iyad Burnat is a native of Bil’in in the occupied West Bank, and a founder of the Bil’in Popular Committee. This citizen’s group was formed in 2004 to deal with the regular raids by the Israeli forces and sought to slow down the theft of Bil’in’s olive trees and the confiscation of farmland. The village’s fight for survival was documented by Iyad’s brother, Emad Burnat, in the Oscar nominated documentary “5 Broken Cameras”.

Iyad Burnat has been a leading proponent of a non-violent peace protest against the Separation Wall.  Under his skilful eye he has captured the images of occupation and documented the ensuing violence meted out to the protesters, young and old. Iyad was the recipient of the James Lawson Award for Achievement in the Practice of Nonviolent Conflict 2015. 

This will be his fourth tour of the UK having travelled worldwide previously.  His beautifully written book with stunning photographs “Bil’in and the Nonviolent Resistance” will be available to purchase; it tells the story of the struggle. We are delighted to have him joining us and telling us his story.

Cafe Palestine – February 2017

mograbi_06_jpg_700x394_q85-1When: Sunday, 26th February, 4-6pm

Where: Peace and Justice Centre, 5 Upper Bow, Edinburgh, EH1 2JN


At the next monthly Cafe Palestine, Edinburgh Action for Palestine will show the documentary film “Avenge, but one of my two eyes” by Israeli film maker Avi Mograbi. There will be time for discussion after the film, as well as tea, coffee and cakes.

In this movie, Mograbi juxtaposes footage of Palestinians being humiliated by Israeli guards with scenes of Jewish tourists being regaled by tales of their ancestors’ historical struggles for freedom. Focusing on the oft-retold stories of Samson (who, after being blinded and humiliated by the Philistines, knocked an entire temple down to crush his oppressors) and Masada (the site where over 900 Jews committed suicide to resist becoming slaves of the conquering Romans), the director highlights the hypocrisy of his fellow countrymen for celebrating these ancient tales as they simultaneously condemn the Palestinians for acting out in a similarly violent manner. (see

Please sign petition calling for a public inquiry into the actions of the Israeli Embassy

Palestine Solidarity Campaign has launched a petition calling for a public inquiry to determine the extent of improper interference in UK democratic politics by the Israeli Embassy and to demand from the Israeli government that it is brought to an end.

The petition was initiated after revelation that an Israeli embassy official plotted to ‘take down’ Alan Duncan, a critic of Israeli policy and the UK’s Deputy Foreign Minister.  The embassy official’s words raise significant concerns about improper interference in UK domestic politics, echoed by Labour, the SNP and several Conservative MPs.

There have been calls from all major parties and party members for further investigation of the concerns raised by this footage.

Please click here to sign the petition.

Cafe Palestine January 2017

Hospital in GazaWhen: Sunday, 29th January 4-6 pm

Where: Peace and Justice Centre, 5 Upper Bow, Edinburgh EH1 2JN


Colin Cooper will be presenting about his recent visit to Gaza during October 2016. Colin was formerly a GP in Edinburgh, and has been a member of Edinburgh Action 4 Palestine. He has visited Gaza six times since 2009. His recent visit, as a member of Edinburgh Direct Aid and Medical Aid for Palestine, focussed on palliative care in Gaza, where hospitals are struggling to provide end of life care in the face of brutal sanctions, which deprive patients of many essential medicines.

There will be tea and coffee and an opportunity for discussion.


Protesting against Hewlett Packard’s role in oppressing Palestinians

ea4p-december-stallOn 26th November and 3rd December, Edinburgh Action for Palestine protested outside Currys in Princes Street, urging them to stop selling Hewlett Packard (HP) products.  The protests formed part of an International Week of Action, which saw more than 90 different events worldwide, 30 of them across the UK.   See here for more details of the campaign against HP, who provide electronic biometrical equipment for illegal Israeli checkpoints in the Palestinian West Bank.