Lobby your MP

The UK Government claims to “promote Britain’s security, prosperity and well-being, and regional peace, through partnership with Israel.”  Whilst paying lip-service to Palestinian human rights, they continue to license large numbers of arms sales from the UK to Israel and spend millions of  pounds every year buying Israeli weapons systems “tested” on the Palestinian civilian population. The UK government is even trying to use legal means to stop local authorities from using ethical procurement policies to boycott Israeli goods and services (although this would not extend to Scotland).

It is therefore vital to hold the UK Government to account and pressure them to change their policies and to support Palestinians’ international and human rights.  One of the best ways of doing so is through meeting with and writing to our MPs and calling on them to speak out for Palestinian rights in Westminster.

To find out who your MP is and how to contact him or her, click here.  Please make sure to include your full address when emailing your MP!

We have prepared two different letters which you can copy, adapt and send to your MP:

Draft letter calling on MPs to seek action on the mistreatment of Palestinian child prisoners by Israeli police and armed forces

Draft letter calling for a two-way arms embargo on Israel



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