Edinburgh welcomes Palestine Youth Orchestra

Elsewhere on this website (link) there’s information about concerts by the Palestine Youth Orchestra in Perth and Glasgow. Yesterday they made a visit to Edinburgh first for a wonderful meal provided by volunteers (including EA4P members) in Stockbridge and then a photo-call at the Scottish Parliament.  They were met by Andy Wightman MSP, a piper, and the Protest in Harmony ban of singers who all did their stuff magnificently.  The Palestinian musicians responded with applause, cheers and smiles, and wanted the words of the ‘Boycott’ song sung by Protest in Harmony.  There was much taking of photographs.  Then they went up the Royal Mile with piper and Palestine flags to Johnstone Terrace to get on their bus back to Glasgow.  IMG_1832



Palestine Youth Orchestra: Concerts in Perth and Glasgow during July

During July 2016, the Palestine Youth Orchestra will be touring the UK.  They will be performing at the Perth Concert Hall on Monday, 25th July and in the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow on Tuesday, 26th July.

Please email us at EdinburghAction4Palestine@gmail.com if you are interested in going and please help spread the word about these concerts.

See here for more details.

Draft letter to MPs calling for a two-way arms embargo on Israel

Dear _________________ MP,

I am deeply upset by the fact that the UK Government continues to support arms trade with Israel, making the UK complicit in Israel’s continuing violations of human rights and international law.
During the last three months of 2015, at least 130 Palestinians were killed by Israeli soldiers and Israeli armed illegal settlers.   Such killings have continued in 2016.  Amnesty International has described Palestinian deaths as ‘extrajudicial killings’.
During Israel’s brutal attack on Gaza in July and August 2014, 2,205 Palestinians (including 521 children) were killed in what was the deadliest recent example of Israel’s indiscriminate acts of violence against the Palestinian people.
Yet UK-made weapons and military technologies continue to be sold to and used by the occupying Israeli forces. Last year, the Government admitted it had issued arms export licences for equipment which could be used by the Israeli military in Gaza, yet no licences were suspended or revoked, despite the continuing violence.

In the four months that followed the bombardment it approved at least a further £4 million worth of arms sales to Israel.
If the government’s own export guidelines (Assessment of export licence applications Guidance) were properly applied, the result would be a de facto embargo on arms exports to Israel.

At the same time, the UK imports Israeli military hardware and components and also provides training, in the UK, for Israeli military personnel. Israeli military and industry sources openly attribute the success of Israeli exports to the weapons and technologies being ‘combat proven’. This means that when the UK imports Israeli arms, it is helping Israel benefit from unlawful practices.

I would therefore ask you to do whatever you can to push the Government to impose a two-way arms embargo (i.e. an embargo on buying arms from and selling arms to) Israel. Many thanks in advance.

Yours sincerely,

Draft letter to MPs calling for action on Israel’s detention and mistreatment of Palestinian child prisoners


Dear . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . MP

I am writing to ask you to join fellow MPs who are seeking action on the mistreatment of Palestinian child prisoners by Israeli police and armed forces.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Edinburgh Action for Palestine

Download as pdf here.

1. Why are you supporting the Palestinians?

Because Israel denies them their human rights by subjecting them to exile, apartheid and occupation. They need and deserve the support of all right-minded people. The first President of Israel, Chaim Weizmann said in 1948 that “History will judge us by the way we treat the Arabs”. The world is judging. Continue reading Frequently Asked Questions about Edinburgh Action for Palestine