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Public Meeting with Iyad Burnat: Practising Nonviolence in a Violent World

Iyad BurnatEdinburgh Action for Palestine is delighted to welcome Palestinian activist Iyad Burnat to Edinburgh.

When: Thursday, 4th May, 7.45 pm

Where: Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh EH1 2JL


Iyad Burnat is a native of Bil’in in the occupied West Bank, and a founder of the Bil’in Popular Committee. This citizen’s group was formed in 2004 to deal with the regular raids by the Israeli forces and sought to slow down the theft of Bil’in’s olive trees and the confiscation of farmland. The village’s fight for survival was documented by Iyad’s brother, Emad Burnat, in the Oscar nominated documentary “5 Broken Cameras”.

Iyad Burnat has been a leading proponent of a non-violent peace protest against the Separation Wall.  Under his skilful eye he has captured the images of occupation and documented the ensuing violence meted out to the protesters, young and old. Iyad was the recipient of the James Lawson Award for Achievement in the Practice of Nonviolent Conflict 2015. 

This will be his fourth tour of the UK having travelled worldwide previously.  His beautifully written book with stunning photographs “Bil’in and the Nonviolent Resistance” will be available to purchase; it tells the story of the struggle. We are delighted to have him joining us and telling us his story.

Palestinian cultural events during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Exhibition about Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour, Tuesday, 16th August, 2-4pm, outside Usher Hall, Lothian Road
Drop-in exhibition about Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour, who was imprisoned by the Israeli military for posting poetry on Facebook with the word ‘resistance’.
Alrowwad: Beautiful Resistance
Tuesday, 16th August, 6-7 pm, St John’s Church
Edinburgh EH2 4BJ

The Beautiful Resistance promotes human rights through creative and non-violent responses to the armed occupation of Palestine. Meet Dr Abdelfattah Abusrour, founder of the Beautiful Resistance and architect of Alrowwad Cultural Association in Aida Refugee Camp, Bethlehem.

Using art, dance, music and film to break the cycle of violence and oppression experienced by young people daily, programmes promote recovery from trauma, build resilience and hope and preserve the dignity of those living with the harsh realities of life under armed occupation. Hear Dr Abusrour’s story and savour traditional Dabka dance and song performed by Alrowwad’s young artists.

The first event is an exhibition Tuesday 16th August, from 2 – 4pm about the Palestinian poet, Dareen Tatour, who was imprisoned by the Israeli military for posting poetry on Facebook using the word ‘resistance’.   The drop-in exhibition on Dareen’s work and experience of cultural resistance will be found in a white gazebo on Lothian Rd in the area in front of the Usher Hall.
Cafe Palestine at the Fringe
Monday 22nd August to Friday, 26th August.
60 Pleasance, Edinburgh, EH8 9TJ

Young Palestinian performers from Aida refugee camp, Bethlehem, will come together with Fringe favourites and surprise guests for this unique review show. Featuring the Alrowwad Youth Theatre’s take on traditional Palestinian dabka dance and a changing roster of well-known comedians and musicians from the Artists for Palestine UK network. It will also include interviews on life in the refugee camp and Alrowwad’s response to it – beautiful resistance, film footage and a call to action. Produced by Justin Butcher and Amos Trust.

See edinburghfestival.list.co.uk/event/590944-cafe-palestine/ for details of venues, times and ticket purchases

Gaza – Photography in Dark Times | Network of Photographers for Palestine – Exhibition, 5th to 28th August, St Jon’s Church Edinburgh EH2 4BJ

What does it do to the creative spirit to live under a blockade? For nine years now Gaza has had to endure the most severe deprivations – of food, medical supplies, electricity, and clean water. It has also been ravaged by three attacks from Israel costing thousands of lives. As a result, a whole generation of young Gazan artists have grown up under conditions unknown in other parts of the world. The five young photographers featured in this exhibition reveal how the blockade impacts on the style and content of the photographer’s art. A range of themes emerge. Darkness is never far away, and yet the humour and resilience of the human spirit shines through clearly.  See just-festival.org/just-exhibitions-1/2016/6/15/gaza-photography-in-dark-times